Saturday, August 11, 2012

Something new for my kitchen

So I decided I needed to replace my 3 knife blocks on my counter because they were taking up way too much room and I found this really cool one in my local kitchen store. It has no knife slots just small tubes that come up from the bottom so you can put any knife any it!!! I got all 3 blocks in 1. After having it for a few days I wanted to give my kitchen something special, so I decided to personalize my new knife block. Super simple and a 1 day project. I painted it red and cut a fancy 4 inch M using my jasmine cart and my cricut. I used mod podge to glue it on and protect it then added some gems for sparkle and sprayed the whole thing with a clear coat so it would just wipe clean. It makes a big statement for hardly and money and I love it!!!!!


  1. Beth you are just too clever: I can' t believe the things you think of! Jan


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