Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crafty Creations Challenge #116

This is a card I made for my cousin Lee's wedding. It was simple but had just the right touch for the occasion!! Super easy to make, a double fold opening tied with a bow and a simple cut out on the front......with my cricut as usual.....backed by a patterned matching paper.  Congratulations Lee and Amber!!!

My creative process ....part 3

Well it's time to go on to step 3. I decided to take the purple paper and do something a bit different for me. i measured out on the back of the paper 3/4 inch all around and made small cuts on all 4 sides to create a fringe look. Before i glued it to the patterned paper i chose i decided to spray the paper with glimmer mist in sand to give it a different effect. I attached the purple fringe paper with 4 teal grommets in the corners to tie the 2 colored papers together. As i decided where to put the pics i made 2 paper backings for each pic 1/4 inch larger than the pics and also sprayed them with glimmer mist in sand for the same effect. This page is coming together nicely!!! Stay tuned for the final post when i put all the elements on and finish the page.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My creative process ....part 2

Hello again everyone!! On to the next part of making my page. Once I have chosen the pics i want to use, which i chose 2 out of the five i had set aside. I then pick out the papers and embellishments i think i want to use based on two things.....either the colors in the pics or the mood of the pics. Either one will work great for your design!! In this case i used the shirt that my oldest daughter was wearing to get my inspiration. I chose a collection of papers and accessories in lime green, teal blue and black. I may switch out papers or accessories as i work with the layout because i may like a different item as i move things around my desk. Next post i will show you how i start with where items are going to go and what i want to do with the paper i chose.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My creative process

Well, I seem to show you the finished product so I have decided to show you how I get to that finished result. The first step is to pick out a group of pictures I want to use and decide which ones I would like the most on the page.( Here is a tip I use........every time i print pictures or i receive prints that i have ordered I organize them on my desk in groups of subject or event. I put the in a stand up mail type file from left to right with the pics I plan to use next to the left. When I'm done with a page the pics i did not use get labeled and filed in pretty photo boxes for later viewing. This way the pics on my desk never get to overwhelmimg!!) The finished result i want to show you is a page i am making of my girls horsing around as usual. I had five pictures in this group and looked at them all. I decided to use 2 pictures that i thought looked the cutest.  Check out the next post for the next step in my process!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Dad's new Toy"

My husband had his friend come cut down some large pine trees in our back yard so he just HAD to go buy a new chainsaw so he could cut the trees up. I let him go to the store by himself to get one and he came home with the biggest one he could find!!  never again!! This was such a fun page to make. I found a collection of papers to match and that looked semi manley in my stash but my favorite was the packground page that looked like tree bark. I ofcourse used my cricut to cut out the letters, the pine tree and the acorn...too easy!! I trimmed up the cute pics of him and put the page together. He normaly just peeks at the creations i make but this one he really liked.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Be careful of lose women with guns"

This is my cousin Amy and I at Darien Lake goofin off and havin lots of usual!! We had one of those old time pictures done so it needed to be made into a fabulous page. I had one of those ready made kits laying around, i loved the colored pages but do like to make everything myself. I pulled out what i wanted, cut everything apart and used my own layout. Those kits are great for ideas and decorations but they do need a personal touch!! I take them all apart and use them in different ways.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Puppy love"

This is our bulldog Shady. Her and i are best friends. you will never find her too far from where ever i am in the house. she is asleep on the floor next to me at the kitchen sink and in my craft room while i am creating. This page shows just how much she means to me. I chose a bright background then some fun dog paper which i cut apart into strips and wove together as a cute base for our picures. i think is came out as cute as she is!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goofin around

My girls goof around alot at home and this page came out to be the best way to show the pictures off. I was in the right place with camera in hand at the right time. I chose the bright colors to help show the fun the girls were having. Again my cricut came in handy!!!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Need help!!

I was making letters for a page the other day, I cut them out using my cricut and decided they would make a better statement on the page if they were glittered. What is the best way to do that?? Most of the glitter fell off after they dried and became very frustrating!! HELP

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My first blog!!!

well this is my first blog. i wanted a place to share my paper crafting and self expression with other people who have the same interests. hoping i can get a few good tips and ideas and to share my work and ideas with new friends.  this is my latested page. my youngest daughter caitlyn and out bulldog shady were asleep in the back of the car on our way home from grama's house. when i looked at the pics the layout just popped onto my desk. most of the time i need to look at a setup for a few days before i glue it in place but sometimes it all falls into place as im doing it. I must say my favorite tool is my cricut!!!