Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My creative process

Well, I seem to show you the finished product so I have decided to show you how I get to that finished result. The first step is to pick out a group of pictures I want to use and decide which ones I would like the most on the page.( Here is a tip I use........every time i print pictures or i receive prints that i have ordered I organize them on my desk in groups of subject or event. I put the in a stand up mail type file from left to right with the pics I plan to use next to the left. When I'm done with a page the pics i did not use get labeled and filed in pretty photo boxes for later viewing. This way the pics on my desk never get to overwhelmimg!!) The finished result i want to show you is a page i am making of my girls horsing around as usual. I had five pictures in this group and looked at them all. I decided to use 2 pictures that i thought looked the cutest.  Check out the next post for the next step in my process!!!!

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