Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some thing to do today

Well today was a quiet day at our house. My husband hurt his back Thursday at work and has been in bed so i spent the day doing not much with all the rain around here. I walk by this cute chalkboard hanging on our kitchen wall 20 times a day and finally decided today to do some thing about it. I have had it for 15 years and have always said i would personalize it.......well today was the day!!! I chose some papers to match the frame because i liked the color and didn't want to paint it. Then grabbed a few pics of the girls, the puppies and my fabulous hubby and got to work. Now i walk by it and smile!!!!

Happy Almost summer everyone!!!  Get creating!!!


  1. Ohh what a great idea. It turned out so awesome. Hope your hubby is feeling better soon
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Cousin, this is Pam. Jeni told me that you had your own blog, I had to check it out. Your cards look amazing! How's your mom these days?

  3. This is a great project I like the new look TFS
    Big Blog Hugs


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