Monday, June 20, 2011

A craft project from my girls

This time I have a craft project my girls made. My oldest daughter champagne collects duct tape. I know... Weird. She had every pattern and color you can think of. Who knew they made so many. Every time we go shopping she slips one or two in the cart. So my youngest daughter Caitlyn decided she could make something out of them. She started making these cute hair bows with just the duck tape and a Bobby pin. So inventive and cute. They both wear then every day. Always a new one to match the outfit.


That's my girl...crafty like mom!!!

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  1. So creative!! I'm diggin' the Hello Kitty! Too go girls! ~jeni :)

  2. oh snap i see the kitty. where does one find hk duct tape? i got the brown striped one.


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